creativity can take a while to bubble up. sometimes you don't know where its going to lead you. throughout the writing process one theme kept coming up....heaven on earth. how do we get there? why do we have to wait for the future? 


california has always been seen as a place of opportunity, innovation, the gold rush---and this song celebrates  the non-judegmental, and openness that one finds in Venice Beach.            


'I'm just   being me'

one aspect of hip-hop that i love---we keep our legends alive by cleverly using their words and reinterpreting in a new way. the lyrics build from one generation to the next, illuminating certain universal truths or sharing a reflective moment with others. 


everytime i hit venice i hear biggie's voice...'spend about a week on venice beach, sipping cristal w some freaks from 'frisco. i then text my brothers! astute hip-hop heads will hear another biggie reference in my 2nd verse. 3:30 on Youtube. 


'spend about a week on venice beach'


Anthony sent me the initial beat and lyrics for Venice Beach a while back, and I was jogging on the boardwalk and vibing out to it, noticing all the surfers by the venice pier, and thought "this song is asking for some surf guitar." I ran home, picked up my guitar, turned the reverb all the way up and recorded the guitar riff and sent it back to Anthony, along with other melodies that I heard through his flow. The rest is history. 



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AVAILABLE 12/01/2017

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