Louisville southern soul splashed with California sunshine

Live instrumentation. Socially conscious. Bi-coastal.

Anthony Raspberry (rapper/vocalist/producer)

Jason D’Mello (guitar/producer)

Joel Goodwin  (drums and keys)

Jon “JP” Poww (bass)

JENNA DEAN also features guest performances by local Louisville musicians:

Patrick Hallahan

Carly Johnson

Otis Junior

Lamar Whetstone

Lonnie Gardner

Keith Cathey

Jamison Taylor French

Scott Moore

Danny Kiely

Dave Givan

Sean Clayborn



The rebellious vibe of rock 'n roll fused with the cultural commentary, elevated discourse and social justice pleas of Hip-Hop creates music that can reach various audiences but still carry the same message.


This sound is rooted in funk, soul, rhythm and blues and rock & roll. 

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