The music video captures the full band from Louisville, Kentucky visiting their guitarist, Jason D’Mello, in Venice Beach. For the past year, the band has continued this cross-country collaboration and will be releasing a full-length album, titled Coronation (1558) in the coming months.


Venice Beach is the closing song on the concept album, which is a coming of age story of enlightenment. The video depicts imagery from vocalist Anthony Raspberry’s lyrics intended to capture “heaven on earth” through the freedom and beauty found in Southern California. 




The music video is collaboration among several creatives. Sydney Strabala, Danielle King and Will Houlihan co-directed the video over three days of production.


Danielle King, rising star in the dance world - having worked with Beyoncé's personal choreographer Dana Foglia and currently Disney Media on various projects choreographed several dance scenes throughout iconic locations along the Venice Beach Boardwalk and the Historic Canals ft. up-and-coming local dancers! 

This dance video also depicts incredible aerial imagery of the Venice Pier and California coastline using epic drone videography. The filmmakers also brought in camera operator Connor Gordon to film an underwater guitar solo and underwater dancing. 


This video hopes to show the beauty of Venice Beach through musical fusion, choreographed and freestyled dance scenes in public, aerial and underwater photography, and an authentic experience spent in Venice Beach.




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Jason D'Mello (

Sydney Strabala (

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In this track, hip-hop fuses with surf guitar to create a whole new sound by the Louisville and Venice based artists - who were inspired by The Notorious B.I.G. line “Spend about a week in Venice Beach (Going Back to Cali).



Sydney Strabala

Jason D'Mello

Anthony Raspberry



Sydney Strabala

Will Hollihan 

Danielle King



Will Hollihan 

Connor Gordan



Will Hollihan 

Sydney Strabala



Danielle King

Ft. Dancers

Danielle King

Holly Reimer

Katie Wilson

Kelly McGinnis

Cersha Lie Burn

Brandon Burciaga

Erin Funk

Meagan Ward

Mahan Taleshpour

Emilee Theno

Hannah Champagne

Laura Faith Ksobiech

Amanda Sadis

Riley Higgins

Tahirih Toche

Jasmine Briana Boyes

Alfred Arizala

Melena Rounis

Kristyn Hoffman

AVAILABLE 12/01/2017
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